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Ripen your fruit quickly with these 5 tips

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Ripen your fruit quickly with these 5 tips
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Do you have fruit in the fridge or in the fruit basket that aren’t quite ripe enough for your liking?   You can speed up the ripening process for some climacteric fruit.  These fruit ripen after picking whereas non-climacteric fruit mature by growing on the tree and will not change after, except to rot or become moldy.  Here are some tips to help ripen your fruit quickly! 

1) Ripen an avocado by putting it in a brown paper bag with a banana over night.

Bananas produce lots of ethylene, a gas that encourages fruit to ripen.  Using a paper bag speeds up the ripening process as it increases the gas concentration, extracts humidity and allows a little air to pass through.  A paper bag can breath better than a plastic bag which will instead encourage fruit to rot.

Another speedy technique is to put an avocado wrapped in tin foil in the oven for 10 minutes at 90 °C.  It will come out ripe but not cooked!

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2) Ripen and sweeten your bananas by leaving them in a brown paper bag with an apple over night.

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Like bananas, apples release a lot of ethylene which helps bananas to ripen.  You should use a brown paper bag that hasn’t be treated, has no wax, plastic or starch.

Good to know:  If you add you apples in with your potatoes this will have the opposite effect and instead will help your potatoes to keep longer and prevent them from germinating.

3) Ripen a mango by putting it in a covered bowl filled with rice and leave overnight!


The rice traps the right amount of ethylene and therefore allows the mango to ripen quicker.  This tip also protects the mango for being bashed, from rotting prematurely as well as the risk of becoming damaged.  In India this technique is common practice as everyone knows this top tip!

4) Wrap up peaches, nectarines and plums in cotton fabric.

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Unfortunately the brown paper bag trick is not recommended for these fruit because it encourages the fruit to whither and wilt rather than to ripen.  A cotton fabric allows carbon dioxide from the fruit to escape and oxygen to pass to through.  After a  while, you can start to smell when they are ready as the their delicious sweet swell will waft about.  You should avoid using a towel for this tip as it will absorb too much humidity.

5) In general you can use a ripe fruit to ripen another fruit!

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When you come up against a pear that is rock solid, what do you do?  You can put it into a brown paper bag with a well ripened fruit, like an apple or a banana.  Fruit give off an increasing amount of ethylene when they are ripe and as seen above, this gas helps fruit to ripen.  Bananas and apples give off a lot of ethylene in general and so are always useful. 

Because of this gas you should always be careful when a fruit becomes to ripe.  When it starts to rot, other fruit around it or even the whole fruit bowl can quickly start to rot as well!

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