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Revive white laundry so it looks as good as new!

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Revive white laundry so it looks as good as new!
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White laundry is often liked for it’s brightness and purity. Although it is a great classic often found in our wardrobes, white laundry is not always appreciated when it becomes marked with stains that are impossible to remove. It is hard not to notice a stain no matter how small on a shade as light as white.  It would be such as shame to ruin the old doilies that you inherited from your granny which have become pockmarked with stains overtime.  Luckily, percarbonate sodium is an ally without comparison when it comes to making white laundry stain free! 

What you need:

  • A basin
  • 3 litres of hot water (40°)
  • Percarbonate sodium – 30 g
  • Optional Savon de Marseille (Vegetable oil based soap)


1) After you have heated your water pour it into your basin and then add the percarbonate sodium.

2) Mix the two together until the percarbonate sodium is dissolved.

3) Soak your white laundry in this mixture for a good two hours.

4) Then place your white laundry into the washing machine.

You can also mix the percarbonate with savon de Marseille so that the mixture is more effective.

Be careful, avoid using this product with delicate fabrics that may not support this powerful mixture.  You don’t want to ruin your silk blouse or cashmere top. Remember to always keep this product in a cool, dry place.


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