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Removing labels: 8 tips on how to not leave a mark

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Removing labels: 8 tips on how to not leave a mark
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It is always nice to reuse containers like glass jars for making items or for conserving your food.  Well…when we say nice, it is only nice until the moment we attempt removing the label without leaving any marks.  Whether the label leaves large areas of glue or whether it only can be removed tiny piece by tiny piece… you end up irritated and tired!  (It takes a lot of elbow grease!) The technique of leaving your jar to soak in hot water only seems to work one time out of three and we still often have to scrape afterwards!  Here are our best techniques at removing a label perfectly every time. 

1) Use a hair dryer to melt the glue and remove the whole label in one movement of your hand.

You can find more details here.

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2) Make a paste made of bicarbonate of soda and coconut oil (50/50 proportions).  Now rub the traces with this mixture.

If you don’t have coconut oil you can choose another vegetable oil.

Credits : Pixabay/Monicore

3) Smear just the label with olive oil.  Leave the oil to soak in a little and then pull the label off in one go.

It’s too simple!  If you have run out of olive oil a little butter or mayonnaise can be used as the oily substance.

Credits : Pixabay/congerdesign

4)  Lemon essential oil can help to remove some labels and stickers.  Perfect results are guaranteed!

This is an essential oil that can do everything so it is good to have nearby as it can help with almost anything.

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5) Heat up some vinegar, soak you cloth in the liquid and rub.

You can also leave the soaked cloth to rest on the container for about 30 minutes and the label can be effortlessly removed.

Credits : evitaochel/Pixabay

6)  Put your iron on top of the sticker and make little jets of steam to help melt the glue.

Credits : tookapic/Pixabay

7)  Sometimes all that you need to do is the rub the mark with a rubber to remove the last traces of glue!

Credits : olafpictures/Pixabay

8)  On some materials you can use a cloth soaked in acetone.

This knack only suits material that don’t risk being altered by this product (steel, porcelain) but should be avoid on plastic.

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