Two ingredients to remove mold from walls and tiles

Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Martin Grube
Two ingredients to remove mold from walls and tiles
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Mold is something that you never like to have in your house… it certainly isn’t very appealing and not very reassuring either in an environment that you’d like to think is healthy.  First and foremost you need to ask yourself why there is a problem with mold in your house.  Is it due to dampness or because of bad aeration?  You really need to treat the problem at the source if you’d like to get rid of it for good. However you also need to clean these annoying black stains as well How do you start?  Let us explain how to make the perfect product!

In order to make an effective cleaning product we advice you to use an anti-bacteria, anti-fungal essential oil like tea tree oil.   This ingredient will be much more effective than bleach (dangerous for the environment) or vinegar (which is incompatible with certain stone showers for example.

What you need:

  • Between 120 and 180 ml of water
  • 20 drops of tea tree essential oil
  • A spray bottle (it is better if it is made of glass and tinted)


1) Start by pouring your water into the bottle.  If you add less water the mixture will be more concentrated.  However you should keep a minimum amount of water so as to not to waste too much essential oil unnecessarily.

2) Now add around 20 drops of the essential oil into the mixture.

Side note: You can use a neural dispersal agent if you’d like as the oil doesn’t mix well with water.  You could for example mix a couple of drops in a little bicarbonate of soda before diluting it in your water. What is more bicarbonate is also a disinfectant. Otherwise you can use a small amount of alcohol.  If you don’t do this you’ll just have to frequently mix the mixture while adding the oil.  Remember you will also have to mix after each use regardless. .

3) Spay your solution onto the area that needs treated and leave to react for a few minutes and then wipe with a cloth.  For the areas that are difficult to reach you can use a tooth brush.  If the mold has been well established you might have to leave the solution to react for a couple of hours or an entire night before removing.


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