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Remove limescale with these 4 surprising techniques

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Remove limescale with these 4 surprising techniques
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Limescale… it can be the bane of your life as you think you’ve got rid of it and then it reappears again!  The best way to deal with it is to treat the problem regularly so that you don’t get a lot of build up which is increasingly difficult to remove.  How do you deal with this problem that stains all your surfaces that are in contact with water?  Here are four tips that everyone should know! 

1)  White vinegar

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Ah yes… you can never escape the wonderful uses of white vinegar!  You can boil your kettle with vinegar to get rid of limescale that rests in the bottom.  You can also pour it onto the surface area you want to deal with or soak a sponge with vinegar and then rub.  It is a technique which involves no effort at all.  All you need are soaked paper towels or dish cloths which you can leave on the stain before rubbing. If needed you can repeat to perfect the result.

2) Potatoes

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Starch is excellent at combating limescale.  Cut a slice of potato and rub it on to the areas affected by the traces of limescale.  If you have a pan or a pot that has got stains on it you can put the peelings into the pan and fill with boiling water.

3) Lemon juice and salt

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Mix these two food products together and dip your sponge into the mixture and rub it onto marked glasses, especially the glasses that come out of the dishwasher all white.  The salt helps to rub the mark off and the acidity of the lemon dissolves the limescale. You’d be hard push to find a better combination.

This method is similar to a method we have previously mentioned using chopped up grapefruit and salt to remove limescale from taps and sinks.  Citrus fruits can always surprise us!

4/  Grains of rice for a vase

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To get rid of limescale build up from your vase you can take a big handful of rice from your store cupboard and place it in the vase with water and washing up liquid.  Block the top of the vase with your hand and shake like a cocktail shaker.  Make sure you don’t drop it!  The grains of rice help to rub the base of the vase that are inaccessible with our fingers.

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