Reduce sweating with these 4 tips

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Reduce sweating with these 4 tips
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When we engage in physical effort, when we get too hot, or when we are under pressure, we perspire. It is an automatic mechanism in the body, in which sweat is secreted in order to release toxins, cool the skin and regulate body temperature. It is however possible to limit sweating and prevent bad odours, with these 4 practical tips. 

1) Choose natural products

There are natural alternatives available which can replace classic deodorants and antiperspirants:

  • Alum stone: thanks to its fragrance and composition (containing potassium and aluminium sulphate), alum stone can effectively fight against bad odours and sweat. Rub it to your armpits to neutralise bacteria.
  • Lemon: citric acid combats bacteria. Rub a half a lemon under your armpits to limit sweating.
  • Cucumber: rubbing a slice of cucumber under your armpits can close the pores that release sweat. The astringent effect of the cucumber can diminish sweat production in just a few days.

2) Look after your personal hygiene

An indispensable part of combating odours, and which works best of all, is to wash yourself with natural products and water, which will eliminate all bacteria, get rid of bad odours and help you smell great. It is recommended that you shave or otherwise remove the hairs from your underarms in order to prevent the bacteria that cause bad odours from developing.

3) Watch what you eat and drink

It may seem a thing of nothing, but certain foods have an effect on perspiration. Drinking hot or cold drinks can lead to disequilibrium of the internal body temperature and can cause sweating. In order to limit perspiration, eat healthy foods, and avoid spices and alcohol.

4) Choose your clothes wisely

Clothes made from cotton, linen or silk, rather than synthetic fibres, allow sweat to be evacuated from the body and prevent bad odours. More ample, lighter and brighter coloured clothes can also limit the build up of bacteria, release heat and thus limit sweating. Sweat absorbing patches and short sleeved t-shirts can also help limit sweating.


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