Basic technique to prevent sore muscles after doing sport

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Basic technique to prevent sore muscles after doing sport
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When doing sport our body can often suffer. However we often persevere as we know exercise is good for us!  Strains and muscle aches which leave us feeling stiff are one just one example.  Sore muscles can often happen if we have done a sporting activity that is more intense than usual or if you have started back at a sport after a break.  So that you can avoid these painful muscle aches you should always warm up, stretch and keep yourself well hydrated before, during and after.  However we also have an excellent fruity tip to help keep you perfectly hydrated and avoid any muscle aches. 

What you need:

  • A simple orange (Organic would be even better!)

What to do:

Plan to eat your orange thirty minutes before carrying out your sporting activity!

This simple orange will give you the water your need to get started in your activity as well as bringing you natural sugars and vitamins.  All this natural goodness will help keep your muscles well hydrated and nourished and allow you to finished your sport session unscathed!


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