Powerful all surface cleaner made from lemon and alcohol

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Powerful all surface cleaner made from lemon and alcohol
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Today we will look at how to make a powerful all surface cleaner from an alcohol and lemon base.  The alcohol will help to clean and disinfect almost any surface without damaging it unlike vinegar  which isn’t compatible with all surfaces due to its higher acidity.  What is more this alcohol base cleaner infused with lemon peel has a more agreeable smell.  The lemon not only adds a nice fragrance but it boosts the cleaner’s effectiveness and antibacterial powers. Read on to find out how to prepare this mixture. 

What you need:

  • Large jar with a lid
  • Some isopropyl alcohol
  • Lemon peel

Lemon is used in this all surface cleaner as it is more effective than all other citrus fruit thanks to its acidity and its useful properties. You can replace the lemon peel with lemon essential oil as it does not have the same properties and the oil will only stay on top of the preparation.  However you can add some for the smell if you would really like.


1) Add the lemon peel into the jar.

2) Fill the jar to the brim with the alcohol.

3) Seal the jar well and leave to infuse for two weeks at least.  (Don’t infuse for more than 2 months)

4) That is all there is to it! Your all surface cleaner is now ready.

You can use this cleaner pure by pouring a little amount onto a cloth to remove marker or you can dilute it into your other homemade cleaning products.  You can even add a little to water so that you can spray it on bigger surfaces.


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