The perfect remedy for chapped and dry feet!

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The perfect remedy for chapped and dry feet!
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Our skin acts as a protective layer against the outside world. But if you don’t look after it, this shield eventually starts to become damaged. Dry skin appears which gradually worsens with time.  If you leave it and do nothing, hard calluses will appear, your skin will take a yellow or redish tinge and will end up cracking.  These cracks can become painful and even bleed as they get even deeper.  It is easy to understand why your heels suffer as they are subjected to a lot of pressure as they support our body weight.  However our hands can also suffer.  Some diseases add salt to the wound and make the situation even more difficult such as obesity, diabetes, psoriasis or  hypothyroidism.

We can help our feet with a few simple routines. Wearing of good pair of comfortable shoes and avoiding walking barefoot, are some examples.  You should also avoid scrubbing your feet too intensively with aggressive soaps and you should moisturise every day! Read on to find out more about an excellent care method to get rid of chapped and dry feet.

What you need:

  • 100 ml of rose hip oil
  • 2.5 ml of patchouli essential oil


1) Find your ingredients in an organic supermarket or online.

2) Mix the two ingredients into a glass bottle (tinted if possible) and shake together.

3) Apply the mixture onto the affected areas.  You should apply this mixture daily before you go t bed at night.  This is the most effective moment as your feet are resting.


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