Pallet Furniture: Original DIY ideas for your home

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Pallet Furniture: Original DIY ideas for your home
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Pallet furniture is the ultimate shabby chic look everyone is after at the moment. Old pallets can often be easily found in industrial areas as shops have no use for them after their bulk orders are delivered. This is lucky for you as pallets can be used to make lovely original furniture or features for your garden. If you have got the skills (or know someone who has), the know how and some inspirational ideas you can start to get creative! Here is a list of some inspirational DIY projects that you could try out yourself!

1.Garden Pallet Sofas

This simple design means that you can brighten up the pallet sofas with a dash of colour. Why not add some comfy, colourful cushions and you’ll have a perfect boho chic lounge in your back garden!

2. An original wardrobe

If you are feeling more adventurous you could make you own custom made wardrobe. Once your new wardrobe is installed in place you’ll feel even more rewarded than after constructing flat packed furniture from Ikea!

3. Rustic coat hangers

Are you looking for a practical, rustic feature for your hallway? With just a little know how and a single pallet you could create a beautiful coat hanger like the ones below…

4. Pallet breakfast bar

This idea is slightly more ambitious but if you are handy with tools and like doing DIY then this could be the perfect project for you. You’ll be delighted with the end result!

5.The perfect bed

If you have a lot of pallets available you could begin a bigger project like creating your own bed! There are many YouTube videos online that could give you some hints and tips about how to get started!

6. Original shelf storage

With two pallets and a lick of paint you could make your own book shelf. You could even buy some wicker baskets that can slide into the shelf space as alternative storage options. This could also be a perfect place to store your shoes…

7. Boxed shelving

Are you looking for a interesting feature piece of furniture for your home? Why not embark on a DIY project of your own? Here is an inspirational example of a custom made boxed shelving made with pallets.

8. Garden bench

Here is a rustic idea for creating your very own garden bench. All you’ll need are a few pallets to get started!

9. Side table

If you are looking for a smaller project to get started you could perhaps begin with a cute side table that will look very shabby chic with a vintage lamp and a few books!

10. Herb planters for your patio

Are you looking for a decorative feature for your patio where you can store your little herb garden? Perhaps you could use pallets to construct your own custom designed planters.

11. Chic coffee table

A pallet made coffee table could be the perfect feature piece in your living room. You can decide to leave a wood effect or you can give your item a washed out paint effect… There are so many possibilities!

12. Save money on a Christmas tree…

You can even recycle old pallets to make your very own recycled Christmas tree. You can get started on this project in advance so you are all prepared for the festive season!

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