Optimise the space in your car when going on holidays

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Optimise the space in your car when going on holidays
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Going on holidays is often synonymous with a long car journey, involving trying to pack a lot of luggage into the car. We have already given you a few tips for preparing for a long car journey with your children in this article, and now it is time to see how to optimise the available space in your car, so as to ensure you can bring everything you will need. 

Load the boot properly

Loading a car when you have many things to transport is an art form in itself! However, it isn’t a difficult art to master, when we combine a certain logic with simple basic rules and a few safety considerations. First of all, reserve your boot for heavy, cumbersome objects. Start by putting solid suitcases in, or the things that are least susceptible to being squashed. Next add flexible suitcases, which will pack everything tightly and stop things from moving about. Next add anything that you will need during the journey, so that you can access it easily without having to unload everything.

Finally, avoid putting cumbersome or heavy bags inside the car. If you have no other choice, tie them down, and under no circumstances put them on the back window. In the case of an accident or sudden braking, they could turn into unnecessarily dangerous projectiles.

Make the most of the small storage compartments inside the car

Similarly, with anything you will need on the journey, you shouldn’t put anything in a place that it can easily get moved around. Use the practical storage compartments inside the car: the pockets inside the doors, on the backs of the seats, the glove compartment, etc. Thus the objects you will need on the journey will be easily accessible, but safely secured.

Use your roof racks

It could happen that not everything fits in the car, but there is no need to panic! With a little preparation, there are solutions to respond to your needs. For example, you can opt for roof racks, which can generally be bought online, and are suitable for the majority of vehicles. They are ideal for transporting sports equipment such as surfboards or skis, but you can also attach a roof box to increase your storage space.

Other types of carriers

Bicycle racks, which can be attached to the hitch or the door of the boot, can also come in very handy. For people with the largest loads, the a trailer could also be a solution… Just make sure to respect the rules of driving with a trailer. Finally, have a look at the car manual in order to adapt the tyre pressure for when your car is fully loaded.

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