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Olive oil: 7 fantastic cleaning hacks

Credits: Pixabay/Naturalpastels
Olive oil: 7 fantastic cleaning hacks
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Olive oil is commonly found in the kitchen as it has a delicious taste while also being great for your health.  However, in this article we are not going to look at the qualities of this oil for cooking purposes!  In fact this multi faceted oil can also work wonders when cleaning your household.  It is hard to find a simpler or more effective cleaning product.  Moreover, when you have dogs or young children in the house it is always better to use less chemical products.  Read on so you can discover how to use olive oil when cleaning your home! 

1) Cleaning a cast iron pan

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Pour a dash of olive oil into your pan and then sprinkle in some salt (either flaked or normal).  Scrub with a dish scrubbing brush and then rinse.  With this technique you can get rid of any leftover stains at a rate of knots!

2) Paint stained hands

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Pour a dash of olive oil into the palm of your hand or onto a cloth and then scrub.  Your hands will not only be free of any paint stains but they will also feel nice and soft.

3) Shining wood

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Mix a dose of vinegar (or lemon juice) to three doses of olive oil.  Pour a little of the mixture onto a cloth and then scrub the surface of the wood.  You should follow the grain of the wood for the best results.  You will get the revived wood look you are hoping for in no time.  You can also use the oil to shine wicker furniture or to remove ringed marks (by adding a pinch of salt).  You can also remove water marks by leaving olive oil to soak into the mark for a few minutes.

4) Cleaning stainless steel

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Pour a little olive oil onto a cloth and then scrub your stainless steel object.  We advise you to also follow the grain of the item for the best results.  Start by using circular movements so that you can remove the biggest trace before beginning to follow the grain.  This tip can be used for metallic objects in general.

5) Shining the leaves of your plants

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Softly scrub the leaves with a cloth soaked with a little olive oil so that you can make your plant’s leaves gleam.  You can also add a couple of drops into the watering can or straight into the ground as a good source of nutrients for your plant.  Olive oil can also be used as an aphid repellent!

6) Leather upkeep

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For leather maintenance, olive oil can be used to waterproof, shine and make the item more flexible.  You can put a little onto a soft microfiber cloth and then use it to wipe your leather items from bags, clothes to shoes.  You can also use a damp cloth with a few drops of olive oil.  If you like to make mixtures you can also mix three tablespoons of olive oil to one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

7) Removing a label or glue marks

We have already discussed the problem of labels earlier in this articles and have a dedicated article with multiple methods that you can read here.  The most simple method is to smear your label with olive oil, leave to sit for a while and then scrub!


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