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Old toothbrush: 20 cleaning uses for this everyday object

Credit: stevepb / Pixabay
Old toothbrush: 20 cleaning uses for this everyday object
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When it comes to cleaning we can often have a supply cupboard full of all the cleaning utensils under the sun.  Every product or accessory has it’s specific role in a specific room or area of the house! We often think this is the best way to keep our house clean.  However it is the big industrial companies who encourage us to think like this. They are constantly offering us more specific products branded as the “miracle solution” or the only thing that will work! However is this really the case?  In actual fact your miracle product could be an old toothbrush! 

If you think about it we can actually do everything we need to do when it comes to cleaning with very basic products like soap water, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.  Why should it not be the same when it comes to accessories.  An old toothbrush is an excellent cleaning utensil for multiple places in your household.  Here are 20 cleaning uses for this simple, everyday object which will soon become your staple cleaning accessory!

1) Oven hob 

Credits : Pixnio/Marcelo

This utensil is perfect for getting into the more difficult corners to reach with it’s small size and thick hairs.  It is therefore perfect for cleaning burn stains or the grill.  Soak you brush with a little washing up liquid and the use circular movements.  Rinse and then wipe the hop with a clean cloth.

2) Grout between tiles

Credits : PxHere

It would be difficult to clean all the grout of your floor or wall with a toothbrush.  However this utensil comes in handy when you have a small section that is black.  All you need to do is rub and use the following solutions in our article dedicated to cleaning grout between your tiles.

3) Taps 

Credits : TanteTati / Pixabay

The base of your taps are perhaps difficult to get to, especially the back!  This tricky issue can be quickly forgotten about with a little soapy water and an old toothbrush.

4) Marks on the carpet or curtains

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Tough little stains don’t stand a chance against the force of your old toothbrush!  The marks will be soon be forgotten about if you apply pressure on the stain and a prepared stain remover product like these ideas in our dedicated article about carpet stains.  You should use circular movements with the brush so that you can effectively get rid of the stain.

5) Greasy crayon marks on the wall 

Credits : pxhere

With a little shaving foam or toothpaste and a hand armed with an old toothbrush, your children’s enthusiastic graffiti artworks will be become only a bad memory!  Then you can wipe with a piece of kitchen roll or a cloth.