New baby – 8 great tips to prepare your pet before its arrival

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New baby – 8 great tips to prepare your pet before its arrival
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Your due date is fast approaching and you are getting ready for the new addition to join the family. If you have a pet, this new arrival to the family household will come as a surprise for your cat or dog. Take into account that this change in dynamics could disturb your pets normal way of life.  This is why it is important to prepare your pet before your baby’s arrival.  Here are some of our tips to help make the adjustment as easy as possible. 

1/ Familiarize your pet with the baby’s possessions

Before your baby even arrives make sure you show your pet some of the baby’s possessions so that they can familiarize themselves with the smell and already get used to the environment where the baby will be based.

2/ Make boundaries

Your baby will probably have its own room and other designated areas in your house. Before your baby arrives train your pet so it no longer has access to these restricted places.

3/ Familiarize your pet with children and babies

If you know people who have a young family ask them if you can take your pet over to their house so it can get used to being around children. Your pet will then become more accustomed to being around small children and will be less unsettled when your baby arrives.

4/ Introductions

When your baby does join the family household it is important to introduce them to each other. Allow your animal to slowly approach your child but not too close to the face. Pay close attention to their reactions and reward your pet if it behaves well with its new friend.

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5/ Share activities with your pet and baby

If you start to spend less time with you pet and more time with your baby, your pet will start to feel abandoned and forgotten. It’s true that a new baby takes up a lot of time but it is important to share moments with your pet so it doesn’t feel neglected or left out. Do activities that you can do altogether like a small walk which allows you to spend time both with your pet and your baby.

6/ Don’t leave your baby alone with your pet

The main rule is always think about the safety of your baby. You can never know how your pet is going to react. You can never underestimate that it could bite or scratch.

7/ Follow hygene rules

Keep an eye out for the types of objects your baby puts into its mouth. Could your animal have licked the object? Think about regularly disinfecting the space around your baby so that it’s immune system doesn’t become fragile.

8/ Establish a bond of trust with your pet

In the majority of cases a dog or a cat will lovingly welcome a new member into the family household. The instinct of protecting newborns will make your pet more loving, attached and protective. You just need to make sure that your pet feels trusted and that it doesn’t feel constantly observed.  A bond of trust between you and your pet will naturally develop once your newborn joins the family household.

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