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Never lose your socks in the wash again with these 3 tips!

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Never lose your socks in the wash again with these 3 tips!
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There are lots of things that you can do with an odd sock to help make your daily life a little easier.  We have already shown you several practical and handy tips on how to use odd socks in a previous article.  However it would be much better for us and for our wallet if we didn’t lose any socks in the first place.  It might help us calm our nerves in the morning when you can’t find the matching sock and you know you’ll no doubt never see it again! When it looks like the universe is not aligning in your favour, it might seem hard.  However here are 3 tips that will prevent your socks from the black hole inside your washing machine! 

1) A sock peg

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By attaching your socks together, you’ll reduce the risk of them being swallowed up by the machine.  What’s more, seeing as they are already attached,  it will make it easier for you when you sort out your clothes.  Attach them with a peg as soon as you remove them at night and put them in the washing basket.  You will no longer have to worry that they’ll become separated!

2) Conjoined..

Another method so that you no longer lose your sock is to simply stuff one of the socks into it’s pair.  They will come out of the wash together and clean.  It’s so simple but effective!

3) Our favourite technique: A net for delicate laundry

More often than not, socks disappear in the wash as they are so small.  So as to avoid this from happening, the simplest solution is to buy a net for delicate laundry and then stuff your socks inside every night before you go to bed.  This will prevent you from losing them in your room by leaving them lying around or when they fall to the ground en route to the washing machine.

You might also consider having a net for each member of the family to make things easier.  Everyone puts their socks and pants into their own net.  This means that it is easier to store and sort the family’s smalls when they are clean.  So, no more fights to know who owns this or that pair!

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