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Natural tick repellents you can make at home

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Natural tick repellents you can make at home
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These little blood suckers can be found in the garden, on the beach and in your pet’s fur as well as farm animals.  Not all ticks transfer infections however it is important to know that when a tick is a carrier of an illness, the risk of infection increases depending on the to time taken to remove the tick from your skin.  This is why it is important to react quickly.  If possible it is better to use natural methods. 

For adults, tick bites are generally found on legs while for children they tend to be bitten above the waistband or even on their scalp.  Sometimes difficult to detect as they are not painful or annoying there are some symptoms that you can watch out for such as itchiness, redness around the skin, burning sensations or skin eruptions.  If these symptoms appear then you are perhaps being bitten by a tick.  Here are two natural remedies that can keep these dangerous insects away.  If you have been bitten it is important to contact the doctor straight away to ensure that you haven’t been infected by Lyme’s disease.

1 – Tea tree essential oil

What you need :

– A spray bottle

– Tea tree essential oil

– A little water

What you need to do:  In the spray bottle mix two teaspoons of essential oil to four teaspoons of water.  Shake the mixture and then spray a little onto your trousers, shoes and socks. When it comes to your children you should also spray it onto their waistband of their trousers.

Credits : Pixabay/Deedster

2 – Rosemary and cinnamon

What you need:

– 10 drops of rosemary essential oil

– 7 drop s cinnamon essential oil

– 3 drops of cedar essential oil

– 2 spoons of sweet almond oil

What you need to do:  It is very simple.  Mix all the ingredients into a spray bottle.  Shake the bottle vigorously and then apply the mixture onto the affected area.

Credits : stevepb / Pixabay

Remember if you have breathing problems, swelling, sickness or fever it is strongly recommended that you speak with your doctor.


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