Natural remedies to relieve trapped wind and bloating

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Natural remedies to relieve trapped wind and bloating
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Do you struggle with the disagreeable sensation of bloating and the need to let out a little fart now and again? There is no doubt about it, we are all susceptible to trapped wind.  On paper it might seem simple to get rid of these difficulties by eating slower (20 minutes per meal), by chewing well, by avoiding being stressed and by not choosing to eat food that could be culprits like chewing gum or fizzy drinks.  However other types of foods can cause bloating as you may have a certain intolerance.  It is always good to know a few tips to avoid an embarrassing moment even if you’d rather not need to use them.  So here are some natural remedies to help you out! 

1) Basil herbal tea

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Simple infuse a few basil leaves in hot water for about ten minutes and then drink this herbal tea.  You can also opt for peppermint tea or even lovage tea (bloating), tarragon (spasms) star anise or badian (exclusively for flatulence).

2) Essential oils

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There are many essential oils which help to reduce intestinal gases. Among some of the most effective are peppermint, lemon, basil, dill and aniseed.  You can put two drop of one of this essential oils onto a neutral pill or into a spoonful of honey and take this after your mealtime.  You can also make a perfect sauce of raw food salads to make them more easy to digest by adding two drops of cardamon oil to a teaspoon of vegetable oil.

If you suffer from heart burn, we advise you to dilute two drops of one of the above mentioned essential oils into body milk.  However you can also dilute two drops with a vegetable oil and massage this oil into your stomach in an anti-clockwise direction.

3) A mixture of essential oils

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If you regularly suffer from bloating and intestinal gases, you be interested in preparing an effective mixture that you can pull out at any time.  In a 5 or 10 ml bottle, pour lemon, tarragon and peppermint essential oil in equal proportions.  Mix well! Put a drop of this oil on a piece of bread or a spoonful of honey when you’d like to use it.

4) Vegetable charcoal

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Vegetable charcoal is useful for lots of things but it is especially useful at reducing intestinal gases thanks to it’s absorption properties.  (100 times it’s volume in gas).  Before and straight after your meal, take two tablets of vegetable charcoal.

5) Three very aromatic mixtures

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  • Add a teaspoon of each of the following spices into boiling water: cumin, caraway, star anise, badian, green anise, angelica  fennel and thyme. Also add a little cinnamon and honey.  Leave to infuse for 10 minutes and drink three times per day.
  • In a litre of boiling water infuse 10 g of caraway seeds, 10 g of cumin seeds and 10 g of green anise.  This is herbal infusion that you should drink warm after every meal.
  • Lastly, this mixture is made up of 20 g of star anise fruit, 10 g of green anise seeds, 10 g of angelica seeds, 10 g of cumin seed and 10 of fennel seeds poured into a litre of cold water.  Bring everything to the boil for 5 minutes.  Drink a warm cup after every meal.

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