A natural home-made shampoo for beautiful hair

A natural home-made shampoo for beautiful hair
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Finding a good recipe for a home made shampoo isn’t easy, and can often lead to disappointing results, ending up with straw like hair or an irritated scalp. However, there are certain ingredients that are very good for your hair, which can be used to obtain a silky shine. 

This is why today we are proposing a simple natural recipe for a honey based shampoo, which will remove dandruff and frizz, leaving you with hydrated, bouncy, soft hair, that is less dry and brittle. Furthermore, your hair will stay clean for longer because the honey regulates the production of oils in the scalp. Additionally, the scalp will not be irritated, because honey does not interfere with the skin’s natural pH balance. You will simply be left with healthier, more beautiful hair. Here is how to make this fantastic shampoo. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back!

What you need:

(For one dose of shampoo)

  • 1 dessertspoon of unpasteurised honey
  • 3 dessertspoons of filtered water
  • Optional: essential oils (for the fragrance and to take even more care of your hair, thanks to their beneficial properties).


1) Mix the honey and the water in a container. Heat the mixture if necessary. The result will be a little runny, which is normal.

2) If you wish, you can add some essential oils. You should do a patch test beforehand to ensure you are not allergic.

3) Dampen your hair and apply the mixture to your hair. Massage it in to your scalp.

4) Rinse well. You can then apply a conditioner or a mask if you feel the need.

This shampoo does not keep well because of the unpasteurised honey. This is why we recommend that you prepare each dose as you need it. It will be one less bottle cluttering up the bathroom!