Muscle aches: 6 remedies to relieve the pain quickly

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Muscle aches: 6 remedies to relieve the pain quickly
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Whether it is caused by the flu, fatigue or sport exhaustion, it is hard to ignore muscle aches. Our body produces lactic acid which makes it difficult to recovery quickly. Even if they are not serious, these muscular tears can feel pretty sore.  Unfortunately, sports techniques to avoid muscular pain  like warm-ups, stretching or drinking well during exercise are not always enough to avoid having an achy body.  Here are some natural tips to relieve your aches and pains!

1) Stay hydrated

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We know that we need to drink when we exercise but we often forget to drink after.  However this is essential if you want to recuperate quickly.  We recommend that you drink large amounts of slightly mineral water which will changes the acids to be eliminated more easily.  You can also drink coconut water.  It is rich in electrolytes ( sodium, potassium and magnesium) which help the body to get back on form.  Lastly you can also drink a meadowsweet infusion which is an excellent anti-inflammatory.  (It doesn’t have the same allergic reactions as aspirin!) What is more, it reduces the concentration if lactic acid in your muscles.  Add one teaspoon of dried flowers to 300 ml of water.  After 10 minutes you can filter and drink. .

2) Heat is great for muscle aches

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Heat is a great relaxer which makes helps tissue elasticity and releases muscular tension.  Induced vasodilatation promotes blood circulation and relaxes the body. Saunas, hot water bottles, a thermal pad, a hot compress or a shower are all good methods to relieve muscle pain.  A bath is another classic solution  and you can add  200 g of bicarbonate or Epsom salts! You can use a sage, wild thyme and marjoram infusion that you can add to the bath water. Add 100 g each plant and filter well before using.

3) Clay poultice

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From paronychia to hemorrhoids, green clay is known as an excellent remedy for many things! You can of course combine this powder with essential oils to boost its relaxing power. Nevertheless, a simple water-based paste will be just as good at relieving pain. You can do this my apply thick layers onto the affected area and then leave for a good twenty minutes. Another optiom is to make a fango poultice which you can heat up in hot water for 10 minutes. This mineral mud of volcanic origin can be bought in pharmacies and will help flush toxins from the body in no time. Moreover, it effectively soothes pain while stimulating blood circulation..

4) All forms of magnesium

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You can use magnesium to ease pain quickly as it helps to a rapid recovery.  Of course you can find magnesium in the kitchen by eating foods rich in magnesium or you can take magnesium capsules.  However you can also use a magnesium oil or gel and massage it into the affected area.  This will help to relax your muscular fibers.  It can also help with muscle cramps.

5) Vegetable and essential oils

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Arnica oil is an excellent anti-inflammatory when it comes to vegetable oils.  You can use the oil on it’s on ore you can add a couple of drops of essential oil.  Of course if you don’t have this at hand you can always dilute another vegetable oil whether it is sesame, jojoba, coconut or avocado oil with your essential oils. .

Here is a list of the best essential oils for muscle aches:

  • First of all, we have true lavender and its relaxing, analgesic and antispasmodic effects.  It can also be used in the bath when added to a thinner product.
  • Also, let’s not forget wintergreen essential oil with it’s anti-inflammatory, painkilling and antispasmodic properties.
  • Add a drop of wintergreen essential oil and and a drop of rosemary camphor (muscle relaxant) to a vegetable oil making sure they are well diluted. It is also excellent in preventive massage before the sport.
  • Juniper oil is a great toner and drainer.  It’s painkilling and anti-inflammatory powers work very quickly.
  • Patagonian pine is calming, relaxing and antispasmodic.  It can get rid of cramps, painful aches and pains.
  • And finally, grapefruit oil helps to relieve stiffness and fatigue. However you should never expose yourself to the sun after using this product due to it’s photosynthesising properties.

6) Reflexology massages

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So that you can stimulate your kidneys and therefore the elimination of waste from your muscles, there is a specific zone that you should massage.  It is in the very centre of your feet!  As well as apply a bit of cream you should massage with you thumb and your forefinger this area for a few minutes,  Repeat this action two times per day for the best effects.


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