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Mouth ulcers: 4 effective treatments using essential oils

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Mouth ulcers: 4 effective treatments using essential oils
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Mouth ulcers can arise out of the blue without any warning and once they have become established you can’t seem to get rid of them.  What’s more they make themselves known with their sharp, tingling pain.  They are particularly awkward at mealtimes when spices and other acidic foods can cause your mouth to suffer.  There are multiple reasons why mouth ulcers appear, whether it is genetics, sickness, a deficiency, hormones, stress or tiredness.  It could even be down to a new toothpaste that you have just used, certain types of foods or even a mouth injury.  If you are looking to treat a mouth ulcer then you have come to the right place. 

1) Treat ulcers with tea tree essential oil

essential oil remedies for ulcers
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Tea tree oil is a disinfecting essential oil which is effective against angina, bronchitis, boils, rhinitis and even gingivitis.  It can handle anything that your mouth throws at it!  Dilute a drop of tea tree oil with two drops of hazelnut oil.  Apply this mixture directly onto the affected area 3 to 4 times per day until your mouth ulcer is no more than a bad memory.

2) Treat mouth ulcers with clove essential oil

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Resorting to sesame oil is a sensible choice as it is excellent for irritated gums and mouth ulcers.  While cloves are often thought of a cure for toothache, they are also good for mouth ulcers.  The combination of the two together is therefore very effective.  Dilute a drop of this essential oil into 5 drops of sesame vegetable oil.  Apply the mixture onto the mouth ulcer until it has disappeared.

3) Whip out this useful mixture if you often get ulcers

mouth ulcer remedies
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This mixture of essential oils is the most complete and effective.  If the other recipes don’t seem to be doing anything for you then you should try this one! In a glass bottle (tinted if possible), mix 30 drops of tea tree essential oil, 30 drops of bay leave essential oil, 15 drops of clove essential oil and 10 ml of olive oil or sunflower oil.  Apply two drops of this mixture no more than five times per day.  Space out applications so that the mouth ulcer can absorb the oils.  Don’t use the treatment for more than 3 days.

4) Treat mouth ulcers with bay leave essential oil

mouth ulcer remedies
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Mix a few drops with a vegetable oil and test the mixture on a fold of your arm skin to see if you are allergic or not.  You can then use this mixture directly onto the mouth ulcer with a cotton bud and then leave the bud on the affected area for a few minutes.  Repeat this procedure three times per day but don’t use the treatment for more than 2 days.  This is a good option to speed up the healing process and to soothe any pain.


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