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Most effective toilet freshener which is simple to make

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Most effective toilet freshener which is simple to make
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In general you never think that toilets are going smell of sweet filled meadows… Given what happens in the toilet, there is no reason why you should think this would be the case.  However some products or a simple  pot-pourri can help to have a constantly appealing smell in the bathroom.  You can also find flower scented spays in case of an “emergency”! However when you enter into the toilet and your smell whiffs of this synthetic smell you know fine well the person before has a bathroom emergency… However to get rid of toilet odors effectively we propose a toilet freshener that you use BEFORE sitting on the pan. 

This spray will help to prevent bad odors and catch them in the water. A fantastic alternative to stifling fresheners than suffocate you as you enter into the toilet.  Of course you can spray this freshener in the air as well.  Plus it is much less synthetic and chemical!

What you need:

  • Spray bottle of 100 ml
  • 5 ml of  70° alcohol or vodka
  • 30-40 drops of essential oil (our favourite mixture is mint and citronelle however there is nothing stopping you from using any oil that you like!)
  • Water


1) Start by pouring the alcohol into your bottle.  The alcohol will help to incorporate the essential oils as they can’t naturally mix with water.)

2) You can then add your essential oils.  It is your choice of oils that is going to get rid of the bad smells in the toilet!

3) Next fill your bottle with water.

4) Close the bottle and mix together thoroughly. That’s it, you ready!

How to use the freshener:

Well as mentioned before you need to use this freshener BEFORE doing a number two in the toilet.  All you need is 3 to 4 sprays of the mixture directly into the water of the toilet bowl.  Now you just need to relax and do your “business” without worrying about any unpleasant odors after your leave!


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