Unblock pipes: A surprising and little known method

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Unblock pipes: A surprising and little known method
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If you have got old piping in your house or apartment then you will no doubt have issues with your pipes getting blocked.  Unfortunately with old properties it is not always easy to replace the piping systems without planning permission so you just need to find a solution which works every time.  If you are affected often by blocked pipes, you can’t always contact your plumber to help you out.  Luckily there is a tried and tested option that you can turn to instead of phoning a professional. 

What you need:

  • A simple hosepipe!


1) Beforehand, block the overflow with a damp cloth.

2) Push the hosepipe through your blocked pipes until you feel the place where it is stuck.

3) Run the water through your pipe without too much pressure either as you don’t want the water to overflow.

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4) You can try a back and forth movement so that you can get rid of the blockage more easily.  The blockage should be removed quickly and you can then have functional pipes once more!

This is a speedy solution that is simple and ready to use.  You only need a hosepipe if you don’t already have one.


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