Maximise your cleavage this Summer with our 4 special recommendations!

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Maximise your cleavage this Summer with our 4 special recommendations!
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The cleavage is a particularly delicate area of the body, and in fact requires great care if it is to stay in ship shape. The tips we are about to suggest are dedicated especially to your feminine curves, and will show you how to keep your breasts beautiful and comfortable this summer. Between the sun and the sweat, your breast are often put to the test, and the right treatments are needed – even if the best advice we can give you is to maintain a good posture, by standing up straight! Swimming or racket sports are also ideal for supporting firmness. So read on for a few more simple tips! 

To complement this article, have a look at this natural mixture for firmer breasts. Whether yours are small or large, all breasts are beautiful and deserve to be pampered!

1) For sweating around the  breasts

Because of how they fall, the area can be humid, particularly underneath the breasts. And sweat can easily lead to skin breakouts and irritation. To prevent this, spray aluminium-free deodorant (the most natural possible) to the area. The ideal is to make your own, which doesn’t contain anything toxic. Alternatively, sprinkle baby powder to the area (again, the more natural the ingredients, the better), before putting on your bra.

2) Beware of the sun!

Never forget to put sunscreen on your neck and chest in order to best protect and preserve this extremely fragile area. A melanoma on the neck has a much higher chance of being life-threatening compared to melanomas on other parts of the body. Avoid getting too much sun exposure – a tanned cleavage may look well in the short term, but tanning leads to the appearance of dark spots which greatly age the skin in the long term (such as age spots on the hands). Sun exposure also reduces precious skin elasticity in the area, which can quickly lead to sagging.

3) Skin treatments

The easiest thing in the world is a quick splash of cold water on the chest after your shower, to tone the skin and close the pores. Wrapping an ice pack in a face cloth and applying it to the area is also a good idea. Don’t hesitate to use an occasional gentle face peel on the neck and cleavage to remove dead skin cells. There is no good in scrubbing too hard – the goal isn’t to hurt yourself! However, be careful with the nipples, which are particularly sensitive. If you would like to moisturise the cleavage, choose a moisturiser that contains vitamin C.

4) Massage

Whether you apply a moisturiser or an oil, a gentle massage is always great for pampering and beautifying your breasts. Start with gentle circular movements, in a figure of eight, passing alternatively from one breast to the other until the product is absorbed. Remember as well that you should apply the product all the way up to the neck and shoulders, in light brushing movements, and moving back down the sides of your neck with your hands towards the bulge of the breasts, finishing off on the outer sides of each breast. You can also pat down the area at the end to activate circulation.

There is no need to buy specific massage oils or products in the shops, which claim all sorts of magic! Make a macerate from daisies or bellis perrenis, leaving the petals to soak in your chosen vegetable oil. Leave them to macerate for at least 21 days, and there you go!

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