Make your sponges last longer by following these two tips

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Make your sponges last longer by following these two tips
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Apparently sponges should not be kept longer than two days!  However the majority of people use a sponge just until it has started to look a bit worse for wear, is too dirty or starts to smell deathly. 

Instead of changing your sponge several times a week, you will save money by adopting a few techniques so as to avoid bacteria build-up and bad odors.

1) Have daily standards

  • After every use it is important to rinse out the sponge so as to remove the dirt but also the various food residue which can attract microbes.
  • Ring out after using so as to reduce the moisture in the sponge.  Bacteria love humidity!
  • Don’t do every thing with the same sponge!  Just because you rinse out the sponge doesn’t mean you can use the same one to do the dishes and clean the floor.  Have several sponges for different jobs and assign a colour for each sponge so you can remember which is which.

2) Regularly disinfect

Here are three great methods to disinfect your sponge:

  • Soak your sponge overnight in a mixture of water and fresh lemon juice.  When you remove it the following morning the sponge will no longer smell bad.
  • Put the sponge into the microwave on the highest heat for a minute.  This technique effectively removes all the germs.  However this won’t work for a sponge that contains metal.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a dish-washer, pop your sponge into the wash with the rest of your dishes. Set it off at a normal temperature.  You’ll say goodbye to 99% of the bacteria!

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