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Lumbago: Two useful remedies to relieve lower back pain

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Lumbago: Two useful remedies to relieve lower back pain
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Lumbago or lower back pain can happen at any moment either during a sporting activity, due to your working environment or gardening to name just a few.  An acute pain develops abruptly after the body moves in an incorrect manner.  The only symptom is a localised pain in the lower back.  The length of the pain can vary depending on the cause.  However in any case, it can last a good while after the first incident.  In this article we are going to look at two mixtures of essential oils that can help relieve your pain.  One is very basic while the other is more complex involving several types of essential oils.  It is up to you to choose which you’d prefer to choose so that you can ease the pain a little so you feel better 

What you need:

  • 12 drops of vegetable arnica
  • 3 drops of wintergreen essential oil


  • 10 drops of vegetable arnica
  • 2 drops of  the following oils
    wintergreen essential oil
    lemon eucalyptus essential oil
    rosemary essential oil
    bay leave essential oil
    lavender essential oil
  • 1 drop of Italian Everlasting essential oil


1) Once you have found all the ingredients, mix them together in a bottle.

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2) Use the oils to massage your lower back.  There is no point in pressing down very hard!  On the contrary, you should use soft motions and don’t be afraid to massage around the painful area.  However you should give the massage with warm hands so that it is more comfortable and so that the oils can penetrate into the skin more easily.

Here are some other alternatives to cure your back pain:

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You can also use tiger balm (that you can rub onto your back with your hand.  You can also turn to a rubbing rosemary essence.  A hot clay poultice applied twice per day can also help.

To complement these soothing remedies you can also try a few gentle exercises that can help to relieve pain.  There are a number of yoga poses that can help such as the Sphinx pose when you hold your knees against your chest and slowing rock from side to side and the Child’s pose.  Here are some yoga ideas to help your lower back.  You can also add hot temperatures to the painful area.  Don’t be tempted to lie down or take a seat to relieve the pain as it is better to remain active than sedentary!

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