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Lose weight effortlessly with these 26 tips

Lose weight effortlessly with these 26 tips
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Are you trying to lose weight? Autumn is a great time to do so, when everyone is getting back into routine. Follow this guide to help you on your way! You’ll find 26 tips to help you lose weight without making too much effort, by simply by changing a few of your habits. 

1. Eat healthily

You don’t necessarily have to eat less, but just eat better. Diets often don’t last. What works best is to improve the quality of your food. Therefore, you need to add a few more vegetables and eat a little less fats and sugars.

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2. Eat whole foods

It is important to eat whole foods, or foods in their unprocessed state: eggs, home made cakes, beans. Avoid processed foods and ready meals.

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3. Drink water

You should drink at least a litre and a half of water every day. Also drink a large glass of water before each meal to quench your thirst and reduce hunger pangs. Drink a half a litre of water an hour before a meal, which will encourage you to consume fewer calories.

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4. Eat eggs for your breakfast

Whole eggs contribute to weight loss. This is why they are such a popular breakfast food in England and America. A study showed that a breakfast including eggs and cereals helps us to consume fewer calories during the following 36 hours.

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5. Drink coffee

Black coffee is an antioxidant and can help to burn fat.

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6. Drink green tea

Like coffee, green tea is an antioxidant, and also helps burn fat.


7. Use coconut oil

Coconut oil can be used to replace the oil you use in food preparation (not during cooking). Coconut oil stimulates the metabolism and helps you burn more calories.

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8. Take glucomannan supplements

The fibre called glucomannan leads to weight loss, because it absorbs water.