Learn how to use carrots to treat a cough

Learn how to use carrots to treat a cough
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Coughing is a mechanism by which your body gets rid of certain particles, while combating the excess mucus that builds up in the lungs and the airways. If our body is reacting like this, it is sure to be for our own good, even if it can sometimes result in significant pain and sore throats, or even prevent us from sleeping. To calm a cough, we propose a remedy that will help reduce excess mucus, while freeing up the respiratory passages and strengthening the body’s immune defenses, to support faster healing. 

This remedy combines the effects of honey (an old classic for fighting coughs) and the benefits of carrots. These two ingredients are excellent for our immune defenses and create a barrier that protects the respiratory passages. Both help with freeing up a cough, offer relief and night, help eliminate toxins and stimulate the metabolism. And what we also like about this recipe is that it has a sweet and pleasant taste. Here is how to make it.

What you need:

  • 500 g of carrots
  • 150 g of unpasteurised honey


1) Wash the carrots with care and cut them into pieces.

2) Put them in a pot filled with water and put it on a medium heat, until the carrots become tender.

3) Once they are tender, put them into a blender with the honey and blend the whole lot together.

4) Pour the mixture into a resealable jar or a glass bottle.

Directions for use

You can take this drink from the first signs of a cough. We recommend that you do not exceed 4 dessertspoons a day.

You can take one spoon when you get up in the morning and the others after each main meal. If you get a fit of coughing during the night, you can take an extra spoon.