Lazy about cleaning? Here are 5 simple tips!

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Lazy about cleaning? Here are 5 simple tips!
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Would you agree that yourself and cleaning don’t make a good match?  Some people might find cleaning a way to relax and meditate about life… others find that it is a waste of time that you could be spent doing other things.  Is that about right?  Well although we can all be guilty of being lazy about cleaning it is still important to have a fresh and tidy living space.  Here are 5 simple ways to keep your house clean with as minimal effort as possible!  

1/  Cleaning the oven (of course not!)

Cleaning the oven can be a real faff.  The problem is it is never cleaned regularly so it can quickly become a pain to clean.  Fats and heated sugar that have fallen to the bottom become encrusted and turn black. Some burnt particles can detach themselves  from the wall which is not good! This is why even if you are a little lazy you should always think about cleaning your oven.  The simplest way to avoid too many splatters is to use tin foil.

All you need to do is place a sheet of foil or baking parchment at the bottom of your oven when you use it.  This will manage to catch the food residue or sauce that escapes from your dishes.


2/  Keeping to shower panes clean

The last time that you had people visiting the house do you remember when you attempted to clean the shower!  So as to avoid a deep clean again all you need to do is to mix a teaspoon of lemon essential oil into a glass of white vinegar. Scrub the window panes about every two weeks and you’ll avoid the grime building up.

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3/ Getting rid of a dirty brush

When you sweep the floor you pick up lots of dirt.  This is of course the aim.  However the problem is you move around the dirt each time you sweep.  This is because your brush is a real nest for dust. Try not to leave your brush on the ground as you will needlessly damage the bristles which will make the job more difficult and less effective.  Suspend your brush or point the bristles upwards.

4/ Baking parchment in the fridge

Cleaning the fridge is a little like cleaning the oven, it is not the nicest cleaning job! So as to avoid cleaning it as often you can simply place a sheet of baking parchment in each compartment before stocking your fridge with food or beer. If something spills like milk, sauce or hummus, all you need to do is to find another sheet of paper.  This is a perfect idea for those of you who never like to scrub!

5 / Simple way to clean the microwave

Just like your fridge and oven, you rarely get round to cleaning your microwave.  However it is essential to keep it clean.  It is not as though you use it every day or anything!  All you need to do is prepare a bowl of water and add some lemon juice. Then heat up the mixture for 2 minutes in the microwave.  The water vapor created by this mixture will soften the residue stuck to the walls and make it easier to remove.

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