Lavender pillow mist to help you sleep better

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A pillow mist is becoming a classic in some bedrooms. Not only is it lovely to rest your head surrounded by light, comforting smells, but it also allows you to feel more chilled out and ready to softly slip into a dreamy slumber.  Lavender is the queen of all the plants to help you feel more relaxed. It effectively calms your senses and establishes an emotional balance and sense of harmony within your body. However combined with the smoothing effects of the Petitgrain essential oil which can calm your nervous system, we can create an even more relaxing concoction. If you like the sound of this calming pillow mist read on to find out how to get started!  

What you need :

  • 60 ml of lavender hydrosol
  • 30 ml alcohol 70% or vodka
  • 30 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 15 drops of Petitgrain essential oil
  • Spray bottle (try and avoid a plastic bottle)
  • Optional:  Add a dispersing agent so that the essential oils can mix better together

The steps :

1) Pour the alcohol into your bottle and add the essential oils.

2) Add the lavender hydrosol

3) Shake everything together well and then leave to rest for a day before using.

How to use it?

Shake the bottle and spray the mixture on your pillow thirty minutes before sleeping.

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