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Knocked over nail varnish? Simple tip to clean up the mess

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Knocked over nail varnish? Simple tip to clean up the mess
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We’ll paint you a picture of the scenario… your varnish is all chipped off and now is the time that you need to re-do your manicure!  You get yourself settled into your sofa and get started while watching your favourite series. You don’t pay attention for just a second or awkwardly change position and your nail varnish has spread all over the floor…. It always difficult to know what to do when this type of catastrophe happens or at least that’s what you think! We recommend that you react as quickly as possible and follow this simple tip.  It could be a life saver! 

What you need:

  • White sugar


1) Equip yourself with your white sugar as soon as you can.

2) Generously sprinkle it onto the nail varnish stain.

3) Leave the sugar to sit and soak into the nail varnish for a few moments.  (The sugar needs to absorb the varnish a little).

4) Remove everything with one wipe of your sponge!  This technique works whether your floor is plywood, lino, wooden parquet or tiles.  You no longer need to worry when you clumsily knock over your nail varnish!

If you have a carpet, white sugar unfortunately does not work.  If you knock over your nail varnish onto your carpet, you can still soak a cloth with acetone and dab the stain.  You should certainly not try and rub the stain as it will only get worse.  After a few minutes of dabbing you should no longer be able to see the stain.


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