Keep your skirting boards cleaner for longer

Keep your skirting boards cleaner for longer
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Cleaning your skirting boards is nobody’s favourite task, especially because there are so many of them, and it quickly gets tiring. What’s more, dust gathers very quickly on them, and even when they are cleaned, it soon reappears. So when we spend hours on ours hands and knees with our back bent awkwardly and painfully, we want the job to be efficient and long lasting!

Here is an incredible technique to make sure you’re getting value out of your efforts.

What you need:

  • Dryer sheets

What to do:

1) Use dryer sheets as a dusters, and wipe them along the skirting boards.

2) Do the same thing again when the static effect has disappeared. It is in fact the anti-static effect of this technique that repels dirt and prevents dust from lodging on the skirting boards again too quickly.

Are you finding it impossible to find dryer sheets in the supermarket? In that case, use a little fabric softener on a clean cloth to clean your skirting boards.