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Struggling with joint or muscle pain? Try out this spicy oil remedy

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Struggling with joint or muscle pain? Try out this spicy oil remedy
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Are you suffering from joint pain as a result of an inflammatory illness or just general wear and tear?  Are you paying the price due to a previous injury or a regular strain from running?  A spicy medicinal oil can really help to relieve pain thanks to it’s inflammatory properties which can soothe joint pain as well as muscle tensions.  Containing cayenne pepper, this oil is an excellent pain killer which calms tissues and encourages blood circulation.  (It is also ideal for problems with blood circulation.)  When applied it heats up the skin which helps to relax muscles and tension.  Read on to find out how to prepare this spicy medicinal oil!   

Adding ground mustard seed and ginger root helps to reduce inflammation even more while also  bringing a good dose of antioxidants to the oil.

What you need:

  • 200 g Sunflower oil
  • 10 g of Cayenne pepper
  • 20 g of ground mustard seeds
  • 20 g of grated ginger
  • Airtight container
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1) Sterilise the material and then pour the oil into a bowl and add the cayenne pepper.

2) Mix with a wooden spoon and add all the other ingredients.  Mix again until it is all well incorporated.

3) Filter your mixture carefully with the help of a piece of cloth and then pour it into an airtight container.

4) Massage a small amount of the oil onto the affected area with the palm of your hand.  Continue to massage the area for five minutes with continuous, soft and circular movements.

5) Repeat this action twice per day if your routine allows it and massage the affected area daily until the pain starts to decrease.


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