Jewellery maintenance: 10 astonishing ideas to have up your sleeve!

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Jewellery maintenance: 10 astonishing ideas to have up your sleeve!
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Buying and wearing jewellery can be a real addiction for some people who never stop collecting or hunting around antique shops for another little wonder to complete their outfit.  But like all beautiful things, jewellery needs a little bit of maintenance so it looks as lovely as the day you bought it.  Have a look at these 10 great and sometimes astonishing tips to keep your jewellery looking fantastic! 

1) When travelling you can stop your necklaces from getting in a tangle or getting damaged by slipping them into a simple straw.

You can find more ideas on how to use straws here.

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2) If your necklaces are already in a tangle sprinkle a little talc powder on top and then you can lightly rub them until the knots loosen.

Talc powder will make it much easier untangle the knots.  However you can also use a pin to help you.

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3)  For gold jewellery or sparkling diamonds, place two denture cleaning tablets into a little water.

Once the tablets have dissolve, place your item of jewellery into the water for 5 to 10 minutes.  Be careful that you don’t try and use this technique on pearls or silver… it might not make the best mixture!

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4)  If you have got a ring stuck on your finger, wrap some thread around your finger tightening for a couple of seconds.  Loosen and then pull the ring off quickly.

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5) Unfold a paperclip and then use it to hold the bracelet so that you can tie the clasp without needing someone’s help.

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6) Make your diamonds sparkle on your wedding ring by spraying three sprays of a window cleaning product into a small bowl filled with warm water.

After you have soaked your ring for 10 minute, scrub the ring with a toothbrush.  You can also soak your diamonds in a water bath with some washing up liquid before scrubbing it with a brush.

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7) If you no longer like a necklace as it is too garish, clashing colours, you can give it a new look by adding coloured nail varnish.

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8) For costume jewellery you can add a little extra protection by adding clear nail varnish.

The varnish will help prevent the necklace from tarnishing or decolouring.

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9) So that you never lose an earing you can attach them to a button.

This is ideal when you are travelling so that you don’t muddle your earings with your clothes.

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10) If you have a ring that is too big you can use hot or silicon glue.

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