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Jeans: 9 tips to choose the perfect size for your body shape

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Jeans: 9 tips to choose the perfect size for your body shape
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Whether you are tall, small, curvy or slim, there is bound to be the perfect pair of jeans out there that will emphsise your figure in all the right places.  However you still need to know how to choose the best jeans for your shape.  This is when it becomes difficult as the unlimited choice available to us can get us completely lost.  What with all the names from boot cut to slim, flare, regular, high waisted and all the sizes for all the different body shapes you end up walking out the shop with nothing and a sore head.  Or you choose a pile of jeans to try on in the dressing room and none of them suit! Well read on to discover some of the best tips to choose the perfect pair of jeans! 

To help you choose your perfect pair of jeans here are some practical pieces of advice! This article looks at female body shapes only so is unfortunately not a guide for the male shopper! (Sorry gentlemen!) These following 9 tips should be taken as recommendations only and not fixed rules.  Remember you don’t need to follow these rules every time you buy a pair of jeans. The number one rule is always choose a pair of jeans you feel comfortable in and don’t suffer for fashion!

How to chose the right size for your height

1) If you can’t go into a dressing room use your forearm as a guide!

choisir un jean à la taille parfaite
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Surprisingly your forearm is the best way to gauge the size of a pair of jeans. If your forearm doesn’t fit into the size of your jeans’ waist it is clear the jeans will get stuck around your thighs as you try to slide them on.  In contrast, you will be drowning in your jeans if your forearm is too small to touch each side of your jeans’ waist band.  Therefore your perfect size of jeans are the ones where your forearm fits perfectly into the jeans waist band.  This is a great technique when it is the sales and the line for the dressing rooms is too long!

2) In the same sense, you can also use your neck as a guide to the perfect size!

choisir un jean à la taille parfaite avec son cou
Edit and modifications: – 5-Minute Crafts girly YouTube Channel

By pulling the jeans around your neck like a cape you can figure out if the jeans are your perfect size. If you can’t join the two ends of the waist band together then the jeans will be too small while your jeans will be too large if you can place one end of the waist band on top of the other.  However if the two ends just touch then you’ll know than the jeans are the size for you!

3) Don’t take a pair of skinny jeans if your fist can’t pass through the leg of your jeans!

choisir un jean skinny
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Skinny jeans might be in fashion and look good.  However it is no use if you can can’t get your foot through or your legs feel squished.  There is no point suffering for fashion.  It will just affect your blood circulation which will increase you chances of cellulite and varicose veins. If your jeans are too tight it can also harm your nerves and muscles over time… Therefore if your fist can’t pass through the leg of your jeans you can be sure that your feet or calves won’t manage either.

4) The leg length of the jean should be the same length as your outstretched arm

choisir un jean à la longueur parfaite avec ses bras
Edit and modifications: – 5-Minute Crafts girly YouTube Channel

You just need to take hold of the leg of your jeans with each arm and then open them up with your arms outstretched.  If your arms are bent as seen above then you can be sure that they won’t be long enough for you.  However if you manage to keep your arms straight your jeans will be the ideal length for you!

Choosing the perfect pair of jeans for your body shape

1) Normal or mid-rise jeans

morphologies jean taille mi haute normale
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This type of jean is perfect for slightly curvier women and women with a slim figure.  It is also a good jean for women for more athletic women whose shoulders are larger than their pelvis.

2) High waisted jeans

morphologies jean taille haute
Edit: Video screen shots from 5-Minute Crafts girly YouTube Channel

After coming back in fashion in the last few years, this type of jeans will emphasise your waist line.  Whether you are small or voluptuous then you always should emphsise this feature. Also, if you have a thin upper body but curvier hips and thighs then this style will go on like a glove. This type of jeans are good if you have a pump bum while if you have a flat bum you should prefer low-waisted jeans.

3) Small or big?

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If you’re looking to make your figure appear longer, you can also go for high-waisted jeans. It is also possible to choose 3/4 length jeans or slightly roll up the hems to give an impression of grandeur! You shouldn’t drown yourself in jeans that are too wide, like flared or boyfriend jeans. It is always better to emphasise your shape and your size rather than lose yourself in voluminous cuts! Finally, you should chose models with visible seams on the middle of the leg to create an optical illusion which will lengthen your silhouette.

On the other hand, slender and slim figures will suit larger cuts (boot cut or flare). If you’re tall and full, go for jeans that will enhance your pretty curves. Finally, think about the colour of your jeans. Light jeans will make small people look big so they should be avoided if you are embarrassed about your bigger size or curves. Tall or bigger people will prefer untreated jeans that are fashionable as well as being vintage and trendy.

4) You also need to link about the pockets!

regarder les poches pour choisir le jean parfait
Edit: Video screen shots from 5-Minute Crafts girly YouTube Channel

Jeggings are one of the most unflattering cuts as they don’t have pockets on the bum.  If your pockets are too big they will accentuate saddlebags while small ones will just flatten your bottom… Instead you should chose jeans with pockets that are a little high that are inclined to give an impression of a curved ass! Also, obvious seams can give more volume to your bottom.

5) Last piece of advice!

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If possible try and avoid jeans that are made up of 2% elastane. It might shape your figure but that is just at the start.  Over time after your wear them all the time and then put them into the wash it creates rather unflattering folds!

These tips in a Video:

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