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Jeans: 15 daily problems now solved!

Credit: Screenshot from Blossom YouTube Channel
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Jean are a classic in our wardrobe! A lot of us love to buy jeans as they are easy to wear and are often more solid than other materials.  Despite their many advantages, these trousers can have a few negative characteristics as it is not always easy to find the perfect size or your fly can stop working as it should… Here are some of our helpful tips to overcome the annoying problems that jean wearers can often come across. 

1) Is the fly of your jeans broken?  Here is how you can repair it!

Cut the lower half of the fly so it can move along the zip.  Use a piece of thread to stitch up the hole.

réparer zip pantalon ou jeans
Edited screenshots from Blossom YouTube Channel

2) Your jeans are too long and you’d like to redo the hem to your length without losing the original hem.

Fold your jeans in on themselves and then place needles so it doesn’t move.  Re hem above the hem and turn your jeans so they are in the right way around.

ourlet jeans
Edited screenshots from Blossom Youtube Channel

3) Does your fly of your jeans keep going down on its own?

Find yourself a keyring ring and then slide it onto your zip.  Pull up your zip and then block the ring on your button.  Button up your jeans as usual.

jeans pantalon curseur zip fermeture qui descend glisse
Edited from screenshots of Blossom Youtube Channel

4) Are your jeans too big around the waist that there is gap around your back?

Make two notches with a cutter on one side and then the other side of the jeans. Take an elastic band and then pin a safety pin to one of the ends so that you can thread the elastic from one side the the other side of the waistband.  Sew your waistband so the elastic can’t move.

ajuster jeans
Edited from screenshots of Blossom Youtube Channel

5) Have you put on a bit of weight and can no longer tie up your button?

Tie an elastic band into your button hole and then make a loop and then tie your elastic to your button.  This tip is recommended if you are wearing high waisted jeans so no one can see you handy work…

agrandir jeans taille bouton
Edited from screenshots of Blossom Youtube Channel