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Ingenious ways to use herbs and spices other than in the kitchen

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Ingenious ways to use herbs and spices other than in the kitchen
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Like lots of people, you probably have a good stock of spices in your cupboards. They will range in colour, smells and aromas and are ready to be sprinkled into your dishes to make them even more delicious and exciting.  However you might not be aware that these excellent herbs and spices can also be used for tasks that don’t involve the kitchen.  Here are 10 ingenious ways to use herbs and spices proving that there is more to them than flavour! 

1) Stop pest invasions in the garden with Cayenne pepper

Credits : Pixabay/Hironari1965

If you are fed up of seeing aphids on your lovely roses, pour 2 g of Cayenne pepper and a dash of  washing up liquid into a spray bottle.  Fill the rest of the bottle with water, shake and then spray the mixture onto affected leaves and little on the ground around the stem.  These uninvited guests will quickly get the message!

2) Scare away cockroaches with bay leaves

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This technique won’t kill these little pests but it will send them somewhere else! Leave a few dried leaves in the places where these cockroaches like to hide such as dark corners or the bottom of cupboards or places where there are cracks in the floor… it is a simple technique but it works!

3) Stick things together with garlic

Credits : LoboStudioHamburg /Pixabay

Be aware that this is not a super glue but garlic can stick small, light objects like fragile glass items or delicate crystal. Squeeze out the juice of a raw garlic bulb and use it like a glue.

4)  Scare away mice with mint leaves

Credits : PXhere

Mint is not just good for making mojitos, pesto and herbal teas to help with digestion. You can put a few dried herbs into areas where mice are getting into your home or garage to help keep them away!

5) Rosemary works against mosquitoes

Credits : Pexels

Annoying mosquitoes might love the smell of human flesh but the same can’t be said for rosemary.  But 30 g of rosemary into 1 litre of boiling water.  Next leave this mixture to cool down at room temperature.  You can then filter the infusion and pour it into a spray bottle to use on your animals and your skin.  As a bonus the spray is refreshing!