An ingenious tip for finding your phone, even if it’s on silent

An ingenious tip for finding your phone, even if it’s on silent
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Sometimes all you want is a little break from your phone’s incessant ringing, and having it permanently stuck to your hand. But when you go looking for it again, those of us with our heads in the clouds can often find ourselves on a major search, having no idea where we left the phone in our wake. 

We all know the tip of getting someone to ring the phone for you, but if you have left it on silent mode, that is no good to you. Here is a genius technique to ensure you don’t have to tear the house apart looking for it.

What you need:

  • Another phone
  • A portable radio


1) Call your number from the other phone.

2) Keep the radio in your hand as you move around the house.

3) Can you hear some crackling or interference on the radio? It’s because your phone isn’t far away!

Supplementary tech tips:

A few apps and web tools can help you find a lost phone, but you need to have them installed beforehand, if you often end up in this situation:

  • In the security settings, select Android Device Manager and agree to all authorisations. Then go into Google and type in “find my phone”. This will make the phone ring. It only works if the phone has internet access.
  • Download the app “Ring my Droid”. Input a phrase to send by SMS from another phone. When it receives the text, your phone will ring even if it’s on silent. This is ideal if you are not usually connected to the internet.
  • The “Clap to Find” app allows you to find your phone even when it is on airplane mode. You simply need to clap your hands a certain number of times and the phone will ring.