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Hygiene and housework: 7 natural, cheap and multi-functional products

Hygiene and housework: 7 natural, cheap and multi-functional products
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Are you sick and tired of using toxic chemical products to keep your home clean, which are potentially dangerous for your and your family’s health? Here we have some natural and inexpensive ways to replace these toxic products with healthy alternatives that are as easy to use as they are to make. Thus you can look after your health and your family’s health, while saving money by buying less (if any) shower gels, creams and detergents….

1) Lemon juice

Credits: stevepb / Pixabay

For the home

Mixed with water, lemon juice is effective for washing windows and mirrors. It whitens your laundry, disinfects work surfaces, dishes and the toilets.

For the body

Applied with a cotton bud, lemon juice eliminates dark sun spots on the skin, it reduces wrinkles and it closes the pores. Mixed with water and applied to blonde or chestnut coloured hair, it can lighten the colour.

Lemon juice is equally effective for losing weight and it facilitates digestion. In the case of fatigue, it is a great natural energy booster thanks to its high vitamin C content. Its antibacterial properties relieve sore throats and reinforce the immune defenses.

2) Coconut oil

Credits: monicore / Pixabay

For the home

Coconut oil is effective for polishing wooden furniture and it can also act as a protective layer for furniture. It removes traces of limescale from the shower or the bath.

For the body

A well known beauty ally for the hair, coconut oil hydrates the scalp and promotes hair growth and strength.

It can also be used as a lip balm, a deodorant or as a replacement for your anti-wrinkle cream.

In terms of health, it improves thyroid function and reduces migraines.

3) Apple cider vinegar

Credits: wicherek / Pixabay

For the home

In spring and summer, even though the odour is not entirely pleasant, apple cider vinegar can repel flies.

It can also act as a cleaning agent for the microwave or the kitchen sink/basin.

For the body

Apple cider vinegar soothes sun burn, washes hair and disinfects the scalp -a property that also makes it effective for treating acne.

If you have problems with your weight, it can help you slim down, and it also helps control high blood pressure. It can also treat urinary infections and prevent colds.