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Handy ways to use the rest of a lemon

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Handy ways to use the rest of a lemon
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After having made a recipe, you can often have a bit of lemon left spare.  The rest often gets left in a corner of the fridge only for it to go moldy before you have a chance to use it again. However a lemon can have many beneficial uses and it is best to make the most of it whether it is in the kitchen, as a cleaning product or to make beauty products.  Here are some simple, handy ways to use the rest of a lemon!

  1. Grate the skin and make a lovely cake with the zest.  You can also put the zest in your tea.
  2. Rub the lemon onto your nails to strengthen them and make them shinier.
  3. Put the lemon in a place where you have an ant infestation to make them go away.
  4. Boil up water with lemon to make a mixture to make bad smells go away in the kitchen.  With a stalk of rosemary this will smell even nicer.
  5. Rub your shower panes full of limescale with half a lemon to make it shine. Dry with a microfiber cloth.
  6. Seeing as you are in the bathroom you might as well do the taps as well!
  7. Make your fridge smell fresh with the rest of your lemon.
  8. Put the lemon into a bowl of water and put it into the microwave for a few minutes.  The vapor that is released by the lemon water will help to clean your microwave without any effort.  All you’ll need to do is give a little wipe with your sponge!
  9. If you have half a lemon put grains of salt onto your wooden chopping board and take your lemon and rub.  Rinse your board and it will be like it is as good as new.
  10. Cut up the rest of the lemon and make ice cubes by putting them into the freezer!
  11. Use the rest of the lemon to shine up objects made of stainless steel, copper or even steel.  It is magic!


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