How to make your own wood stain

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How to make your own wood stain
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We don’t always know what we can do with a few ingredients that we seem to almost always have lying around the house.  As usual, making our own products at home is often more economical and natural.  If it is also easy, like the recipe below, even better!  Read on to find out how to make your own wood stain! 

This solution will allow you to dye your wood as you’d like.  However if you are starting a big project you are best to make a lot.  Seeing as it is not an exact science, there is no saying that you will manage to make the same mixture with the same dye the next time round!

What you need:

  • A big glass jar
  • White vinegar
  • Soluble coffee (Instant)  Not necessary for a grey coloured dye
  • Steel wool

The steps:

1) Make sure that your jar is well cleaned.  Put the steel wool inside.

2) Fill the jar with vinegar but not to the brim. Three-quarters full will be more than enough as the mixture will increase in size.

3) Add one spoon of instant coffee and mix well. The advantage of instant coffee is that it mixes in well without leaving any grains.

4) Leave to sit for 24 hours at least.  The longer you leave it to sit the more intense the colour will be.  Don’t be scared to test out your mixture on a sample piece of wood.  You can leave it to dry to see if the colour is to your liking. (Only once it is dry will you see it’s real colour).

5) Apply the number of layers need to make the colour you are looking for.  Wait for 15 minutes between each layer so that it has time to dry out.


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