How to make disinfectant wipes for the whole house

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How to make disinfectant wipes for the whole house
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Everyone loves a disinfectant wipe as you can remove one and use it straight away.  It’s so simple! A simple and handy solution that is great when you are in a hurry.  However they are not very economical or hardly ecological!  However you can make your own wipes are home, from baby wipes to dusting wipes.  Here is a natural disinfecting wipe that can be whipped up in a minute! 

What you need:

  • Old cloth (old sheet, a item of clothing that has become too big or too small…)
  • Water
  • White vinegar
  • Tea tree essential oil (or any other essential oil that disinfects and combats bacteria)
  • A tub with a lid
  • Scissors

The steps:

1) Cut up your cloth so as to make your future wipes.  Choose your preferred size. (Not too small and not to big so that they take up to much space.) Place your pieces of cloth in the jar

2) Boil water and filter it.

3) Make a mixture make of half vinegar and half water then add 0 drops of your essential oil.  Pour this mixture over the cloth that is in the jar and leave immersed.

4) If you want to use a cloth, remove it from the jar.  Rinse out so that the cloth is damp and not soaking and start to clean.

You can then put the wipes in the washing machine when they are dirty and they put them back in the jar.  When need make up the mixture again.

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