How to fall asleep in a minute flat

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How to fall asleep in a minute flat
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Do you struggle falling asleep? Sometimes things that happen to us during the day or upcoming events can prevent us from falling asleep.  When you are stressed or anxious, even when we don’t realise it, it can make it difficult for us to relax.  The problem is this difficulty in falling asleep can in itself be stressful too.  You therefore enter into a vicious circle! 

Fortunately for you, there are many solutions that can help us fall asleep.  One of these functions particularly well.  The 4-7-8 method is a breathing technique invented by Dr Andrew Weill at the University of Harvard.  You don’t need any equipment and can practice it anywhere you like. All you need is 60 seconds, more or less.  The aim is to get as much oxygen as you can into your parasympathetic nervous system so that you can relax.

The perfect technique for falling asleep quick

1)  Start by touching the palette of your mouth with the tip of your tongue just behind your upper incisor teeth.  (You should maintain this position during the entire exercise.)

2)  Let out all the air inside your lungs through your mouth making a noise.

3)  Close your mouth and then slowly breath in through your nose counting up to 4 in your head.

4)  Retain your breath for a count of 7.

5) Empty all the air from your lung through your mouth counting to 8 in a single out breath.

6)  Then repeat this breathing cycle 4-7-8 three times.  You shouldn’t need to make any noise while you breath in through your nose.  However when you breathe out you should make a noise.

This is a simple technique to help you get to sleep much quicker.  Make sure you follow the steps.  You might need a little training before getting to grips with this fantastic secret, but you’ll be able to do it in no time.  Then you will be able to sleep like a baby! 

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Do you have ways that help you to get to sleep quickly?


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