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Homemade cosmetics: 5 delicious products with a honey base!

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Homemade cosmetics: 5 delicious products with a honey base!
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Do you think that honey is only good for baking, sweetening teas and on toast?  Well this delicious ingredient is filled with great components from minerals to organic acids, amnio acids and enzymes which also makes it an excellent cosmetic ingredient!  Honey is has antioxidant,  antiseptic, antibacterial and  anti-inflammatory properties.  There are many ways to make homemade cosmetics but honey is a staple ingredient that is really easy to find and use.  Read on to discover 5 great homemade recipes using honey for great beauty products that you will fall in love with straight away! 

1) Speedy lip balm

You can apply a layer of honey onto lips that have been battered by the cold making them extremely dry and chapped.  It is also an excellent night mask for your lips as in the morning they will be soft and smooth.  After you have been on a flight your lips are often dry so you might want to think about using a spoonful of honey to get your lips back on form. The biggest challenge however is trying to not lick your lips as this will just have the opposite effect!

2) Effective and soothing skin cleansing mask

In a bowl you can mix two tablespoons of honey with one teaspoon of grey clay.  Apply this mixture onto your skin which has already been moistened.  Try and avoid the areas around your eyes.  You can then leave the mask to sit for ten minutes before rinsing with clean, warm water.

3) Simple scrub for your face and body

Are you fed up of multiple products?  This scrub does everything!  Add 4 teaspoons of powdered sugar to 4 tablespoons of liquid honey and mix together.  Rub this mixture onto your skin so as to scrub away the dead cells and rinse with warm water.

4) Hydrating mask for your hair

Make a mixture made of an egg yolk, a teaspoon of sweet almond oil and of course 2 tablespoons of honey.  Apply this mixture to wet hair and then leave to sit for 30 minutes before rinsing.  You can always cover your hair with a towel while the mask sits in your hair.

5) Shine your hair with a water rinse

You can use a rinsing water as the last rinse of your hair after you have rinsed away the shampoo and conditioner.  All you need to do is to dilute half a teaspoon of liquid honey in 500 ml of warm water.  (You can then pour everything into a bottle so that you can mix it together and then more easily use the product.)


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