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Herbs: 7 aromatic plants and their health benefits

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Herbs: 7 aromatic plants and their health benefits
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Herbs or aromatic plants don’t always feature in our dishes.  However they are delicious as well as being known for having multiple benefits.  Here are seven aromatic plants and that are indispensable in the kitchen. 

1/ Mint

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Not only delicious, this well-known freshly scented plant also has many medicinal properties.  There are many different types of mint.  However peppermint is the most common and is what is most often found in our dishes.

The freshness of mint often makes us think of summer as it is used in salads and drinks and even desserts.  However during winter, a mint herbal infusion can purify your blood and soothe your digestive system.

The plant’s scent can also help to improve concentration, relieve blocked sinuses and cure head aches.

Tip: mint leaves can also be used to whiten teeth and are very effective to get rid of bad breath. 

2/ Basil

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Fresh basil has a strong peppery aroma that is also slightly minty.  It is often used to flavour meat  and vegetables dishes as well as fish.

For those that love Italian food, basil is a herb you can’t do without in the garden. It is an indispensable ingredient for making pesto.

Fresh leaves can be eaten whole or chopped up.

3/ Coriander

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Coriander is a plant that can be eaten all on its own.

This fresh herb can season almost any dish often found in soups, sauces and salads.

Coriander seeds, whether crushed, ground or whole, can also be used as seasoning.  It can be used to replace salt in a wide variety of dishes from rice, omelettes, potatoes, fish, marinades and cold meats.

Mashed coriander roots can be eaten in a similar way to garlic.

Coriander is also renowned for it’s many benefits. Ladies, it will help you reduce pain during your menstrual cycle! Like mint, it purifies your digestive system. It is also very useful against rheumatism and joint pain. High iron,it is also good for combating anemia.

4/ Chives

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Chives are rich in nutrients and is considered a fine herb in french cuisine. It easily makes up for nutritional deficiencies and is used both raw and cooked. Chopped up,  it can season salads and raw food. Very good for making salad dressings, chives are also an excellent mix with cottage cheese.

Chive flowers are also edible and are mostly used to decorate dishes!

Chives help blood circulation and contribute to a healthy heart.  It has also been shown that chives can help to prevent stomach cancer and esophagus cancer.