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Headaches: Astonishingly effective tip to get you back on form

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Headaches: Astonishingly effective tip to get you back on form
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Headaches can really get you down in day to day life.  Once you have a sore head everything seems to be more complicated.  After all it is your head that governs your body… so when you head doesn’t feel right, everything doesn’t feel right.  In moments like this we all can have the same reflex.  You head straight to the medicine cabinet to take an aspirin so you can forget about the pain.  However there is a food that you can eat that has the same effect as aspirin with a better taste and no side effects.  Next time why not try a handful of almonds! 

What you need:

  • A handful of almonds!


1) If you often get headaches then you should prepare a little reserve in the kitchen, at your office and in your hand bag so that you are always ready to whip some out so as to prevent or treat a sore head.  The best thing to do is to soak the almonds in water beforehand so that they can be digested more easily.

2)  When you have a sore head,  eat a handful of almonds and leave them to do the rest. What is more, the effect of eating a handful of almond works for longer than an aspirin so you can get back on form quicker and for longer!

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Why does it work?

Almonds are rich in salicine a natural analgesic that can also be found in aspirin under the form of salicylic acid.  This element is an excellent anti-inflammatory which also allows muscles to relax and helps to reduce irritability.

Other benefits of almonds for your health:

  • Almonds are great if you are on a diet.  The help to satisfy your hunger and make you feel fuller for longer.  They also absorb lipids more slowly.
  • Almonds are also rich in calcium, fiber and magnesium.  They can contain lots of protein and good for vegetarian diets.
  • Lastly, almonds are also antioxidants.  A handful contains as many polyphenols as a bowl of green tea or a broccoli.

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