Growing your own tomatoes? Follow these 13 tips

Growing your own tomatoes? Follow these 13 tips
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If you are lucky enough to have a vegetable garden or a little space for growing things, there is a strong bet that tomatoes are among the family favourites. In fact, very few people claim to dislike this fresh food, which can be used in so many diverse ways, both raw and cooked. But to get started, you need to ensure you are growing them in the right conditions. If you want large, tasty tomatoes that grow in large quantities, take note of the following tips, which will provide you with the key to successful tomato growing. 

1) Make the roots more resistant by planting the tomatoes deeper in the soil

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When the stems are deeper in the soil, they will produce more roots, which in turn take in all the water the tomatoes need to grow well. Being better anchored in the soil, the roots will also be stronger and more resistant to any inclement weather.

2) Snip off the lower leaves

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Growth happens mainly at the top of the stems, which is the area that gets the most sunshine, and thus benefits from the most photosynthesis. Once the plant measures 60 cm, don’t hesitate to remove the leaves on the bottom half of the stem. Certain plant diseases start in the soil and spread upwards via the leaves. Therefore, by cutting them off, you protect the plants.

3) Remove suckers

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“Suckers” is the name given to small stems that appear between the central stem and the main stem, and which need to be removed. They don’t produce fruit, and they deprive the tomatoes of energy. It isn’t obligatory, but this little detail will help grow tastier tomatoes. Cut the suckers from tomato plants measuring at least 80 cm and use the cuttings to grow further tomato plants.

4) Use mulch

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This protects the soil, keeps in moisture, reheats the earth and protects your plants from diseases, as they have less direct contact with the soil. The roots system will therefore provide nothing but nutrition.