Great tips to slim down your fat cat

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Great tips to slim down your fat cat
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Is your cat fat or bordering on obese?  It is unfortunately not alone.  Lot’s of cats, especially those that are sterilized and sedentary, suffer from weight problems.  If your cat is looking a bit hefty you should remember that like humans obesity can lead to disastrous consequences for it’s body and health including (diabetes, joint pain and cardio problems.)  However you love your cat don’t you?  So how can you try and get your cat to loose a bit of extra body weight?  

Generally you juts need to take your cat to see a vet to overcome it’s weight problem. Your vet could advise you to adapt your cat’s diet and tell you what doses you should follow.  However there are some other more natural methods which could help keep your little feline friend in shape.  Your cat might start giving you daggers but  you juts need to remind them it is for their own good…

1/  Courgette diet

In addition to dried cat food, of course. You could also replace treats by giving your cat some green beans cooked in  water.  You could always add a teaspoon of tuna juice to make vegetables more appetizing. If your cat eats vegetables it will fill itself up and make less trips to his bowl.  As a passing note: it is always important to leave water that is easily accessible as cat food can be dehydrating. Courgettes and beans could be a little hard going for your cat. But again, remember it is in your cat’s best interest to have a good health !

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2 / Put their food bowl in different areas

You’ll no doubt have realised it but it is your cat that rules the household. You are on it’s territory and it is your cat that puts up with you.  Your cat lives a life of luxury while you tirelessly world to pay for their food and upkeep.  You’d at least think it could make a little effort. Instead of giving your cat just one food bowl place two or three around the house.  You could put one up high and hide the other one. This way your cat has to work to find it’s food!

3/ Exercise pure and simple

You have to be honest with yourself, you cat really is a lazy lump! Although it used to jump around all over the place when it was young, now it spends the majority of it’s time sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating! It even tries to pretend it’s bowl is empty when it is half full. In short, that’s enough. Your cat’s food is far too rich for it to do nothing. What if you took the time to play with him?

There is no need to spoil your cat by buying a cat tree or expensive cuddly.  A simple cardboard box will be more than enough or an bit of string or a old cork.  Otherwise you can throw balls of tin foil.  The important thing is that it can move is big bum and lose a little weight!  Between us, it is also a lot of fun to play about with your cat!

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4 /  Stress free solution

Just like humans, stress can be a reason for cats to put on weight.  Sometimes they have the tendency to eat to reassure themselves. Trust Laurent Voulzy and the power of flowers or more precisely Bach flowers and get yourself a product called, Rescue.If you manage to get yourself some of this elixir just put 3 or 4 drops in your cat’s water bowl. You will see both your cat and yourself start to relax.

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