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Great tip to get rid of a cold sore quickly

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Great tip to get rid of a cold sore quickly
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Herpes is a contagious virus that stays in your body for life. (It was apparently transmitted to us by a hominid called Paranthropus boisei that lived in East Africa about 2.4 and 1.2 million years before our time).  This virus can sometimes reveal symptoms such as the infamous cold sore.  This annoying spot can often surprise us when we wake up in the morning and we’d love to know a simple way to get rid of it quickly. 

Depending on several factors like stress, the virus can put itself into an active mode and travel along the nervous fibres until it reaches the surface of the skin.  The virus then creates a mark on our skin which is called a cold sore.  These wretched spots naturally disappear in about one week but there are ways to get rid of them quickly!  No need to hide your face until they go away. This recipe only takes five minutes!


All you need is green clay!

What to do:

– Put half a tablespoon of green clay into a container.

– Add a little water.

– Mix your mixture together until you get a smooth, thick and well incorporated paste.

– Apply your new mixture onto your spot.

– Leave to dry for thirty minutes and then rinse. That is all there is to it!

Credits : iStock

Do you have any tips to get rid of cold sores?


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