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Great tip for getting rid of damp smells from your house

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Great tip for getting rid of damp smells from your house
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In a room or a bathroom where human activity generates a lot of water vapor,  lack of aeration and heating encourages more dampness to appear. Musty, damp smells can quickly appear in these rooms which is not very pleasant especially when you have guests. Read on to discover a great tip to get rid of damp smells from your house. 

When there is a continuous state of moisture mold will start to develop on walls.  So as to get rid of damp smells in these conditions you should first clean your rooms well, keep them well ventilated, wash all surfaces meticulously (including walls if necessary) and remove carpets from these rooms.  If you still have an 80 s decor you perhaps still have a carpet in your bathroom…. Once you have got all your cleaning out of the way you can try and use this trick to keep damp smells at bay!

What you need:

  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • Cups


1 – Take 2 or 3 empty cups

2 – Fill the cups with bicarbonate of soda.

3 – Place the cups in a damp room.

4 – If the damp smell hasn’t completely disappeared after a couple of weeks throw away the bicarbonate of soda and then refill the cups.

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That’s it!  When you are cooking in the kitchen don’t forget to cover your bubbling pans with a lid when you are preparing dishes so as to avoid moisture building up and leaving marks in your rooms. Don’t forget to use your fan on your oven while you cook as well.  When it comes to your bedroom or living room remember to leave spaces between your furniture and the walls. Air is like blood and money, it needs to keep circulating!


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