Great knacks for getting rid of perfume stains

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Great knacks for getting rid of perfume stains
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We can skoosh perfume onto ourselves mechanically which can sometimes make spray marks on our clothing.  Sometimes when you pull your top on in the morning it is not compatible with your perfume and leaves an annoying stain!  This can often happen as your perfume is coloured which will inevitably leave a mark on the material.  So what do you do?  Here are all of our best tricks to save your clothing from perfume stains.

1) General technique

For most items of clothing all you need to do is sprinkle the stain with some talc powder before carefully rubbing the stain with alcohol.  You can also use “terre de Sommières” which is a very fine clay powder on dark materials so that it can absorb the stain.  You should now wash your item either by hand or in the machine.  You should choose a cold wash so that the stain doesn’t become permanent.

For a light or coloured pair of jeans, you can leave the talc powder for an hour before rubbing it with alcohol.

2) White or coloured leather

Soak a cloth with milk and rub it onto the stain making big circular movements.  If you can still see the stain, pull out a cloth soaked in vinegar and apply it onto the stain.  You should then wash either by hand or in the machine.

3) Another tip for leather

Pour out a spoon of makeup remover and add a couple of drops of 70° alcohol.  Soak your cloth with this mixture and then rub the stain make movements from the centre to the exterior of the stain.  For a strong stain, chose a milk based make up remover and a couple of drops of vinegar.

4) What about delicate materials like silk or wool?

For delecate materials you can used alcohol like the knacks above, but it should be diluted in water so that it is not too strong for the material.  (You should measure out 3 tablespoons of alcohol 70° for 500 ml of water).  To finish you should wash you item by hand.

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